Rent to Own Benefits

Win – Win

-1- A jump on homeownership and a good way for any family to transition into home-ownership.

-2- “Test Drive”. The buyer can make certain they like the home and location before they finally commit to purchase the property.

-3- Families can immediately enroll children in a desirable school district.

-4- The buyer may move in despite credit problems, inability to document income or challenged credit history.

-5- The seller gets a resident with a vested interest in keeping up the property.

-6- The buyers entry fee is well below the 20% demanded by traditional lenders.

-7- The seller has income to cover his owner’s expenses, like taxes and insurance.

-8- The seller taps a broader market of potential buyers, not only the few with excellent credit and loads of cash for a down payment.

-9- When the transaction goes through, buyer and seller will save on real-estate agent commissions, bank points and closing costs.

Browse our available inventory of Rent to Own homes . Each listing has a full address and a Google Map included. We encourage you to drive by any of our homes to see what we are offering.

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